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"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge." ~ Albert Einstein

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Honors English Language Arts

The Honors English Language Arts students will be reading, writing, and learning grammatical concepts through the SpringBoard program published by College Board. Through work in this program students will develop the knowledge base and critical-thinking skills one should acquire to succeed in high school AP courses and future college-level work. 

As a reader, students will understand the purpose for reading, develop knowledge of topics and genres and develop knowledge about how to read different kinds of text.

As a writer, students will further develop their vocabulary (both academic and non-academic) to demonstrate a command of the English language through writing. They will use this command of the English language to communicate a story, to share information, express an opinion in a way that others both teacher and peers can understand clearly. They will use the writing process to develop and improve their writing. 
As a speaker, students will learn to communicate a message effectively through speech. They will be expected to prepare and rehearse their spoken message and prepare for a given audience.
As a listener, students will be expected to report on the message presented by a speaker and give feedback when appropriate to the speaker.
Becoming media literate, students will interpret, analyze and evaluate the messages they receive daily from various types of media. They will begin to use that information to express or support a point of view and possibly influence others.

Textbook English Textual Power 
Level 1                    6th Grade
Level 2                    7th Grade
Level 3                    8th Grade
Level 4                    9th Grade