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"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge." ~ Albert Einstein

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Honors Science

Students who are enrolled in the Honors Science courses will be learning materials that is enriched and extended. The types of enrichment or extensions will vary by class and year depending on the needs and interests of the students.

6th Grade

Honors Science focuses units of study in Life, Physical, and Earth science. Students will investigate using the science process.

  • Science Process—inquiry process, analysis, communication, reflection and social implications
  • Physical Science—energy and changes in matter
  • Life Science—organization of living things and ecosystems
  • Earth Science—solid earth and earth in space/time

They will be engaged in hands-on inquiry based activities through the use of science kits and other materials. They will also use small groups to aid in developing important skills such as communicating ideas, sharing responsibility, and develop socialization skills.

7th Grade

Honors Science will expose students to a diverse grouping of science topics this year.The format for teaching these topics is hands-on, mind-on and with lab experiences and projects.The topics listed below are from the state’s grade level content expectations for 7th grade science.

  • Science Process-inquiry process, analysis, communication, reflection and social implications
  • Physical Science-energy and changes in matter
  • Life Science-organization of living things and photosynthesis
  • Earth Science-Solar Energy, Weather, Atmosphere, and Human Consequences

Honors students will be engaged in different activities to learn 7th grade science. The readings, projects and assignments will be chosen and graded according to the 7th grade Science and 8th grade English Language Arts content expectations.


8th Grade

Successful completion of Earth Science will fulfill one of the required Science elective credits for High School graduation. Earth Science includes the study of:

  • Fluid Earth
    • Ocean water
    • Fresh water
    • Glaciers
  • Space and Time
    • The Universe
    • The Geological Time Period
  • Earth Systems
    • The idea of the Earth as a closed system
    • How change in one system affects another
  • Solid Earth
    • Geological Features moving and changing

Focus will be put on inquiry, reflection, and social implications which require critical thinking skills and communication through the written process. Emphasis will also be given to creation and reading of graphs and charts.